What happens if you get an erection at a nudist camp?

Question by danny: What happens if you get an erection at a nudist camp?
I’m 15 and have always wanted to go to a nudist camp for teens but I’m afraid of getting an erection.

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Answer by Rahul H
thr will b many as such..nothin to b ashamed of

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  1. HERES AN AWESOME METHOD. If you get and erection quickly slap your balls. Your erection will go down because your body is focusing on the pain.

  2. Sorry to deflate your ideas, but when everyone is nude, it is very non-sexual.

    However, if you still are concerned, many carry a small towel with them. Not due to sexual arousal, but for consideration of others, so one puts down the towel when sitting on chairs, etc.

  3. First of all, nudism is not a sexual experience. It may be sensuous as it feels great to have the sun and water on you without constricting clothing. Nudism is not about seeing or being seen.

    Having an erection is the most asked question of any male who want to attend a nudist or clothing-optional venue for the first time.  The short answer is “it rarely, if ever happens.”   However, should it happen and since bare etiquette demands you sit on your own towel, cover up, roll over, go swimming, take a shower, do something that will take your mind off of it.   I know it’s natural, but it can and does offend most nudists.

     In my 40+ years of being a nudist and visiting more than 50+ nudist clubs, beaches, parks, and resorts, I’ve witnessed this only twice.  Once the fellow was napping, someone tapped him on his shoulder, and he rolled over.  The 2nd time, a man was strutting around showing off.  He was told to go swimming, sit down, cover up or leave.

    If you’re afraid one will occur, wear a long towel over your shoulder. BTW, you will have to wait to visit a nudist park, club, or resort till after you’re 18 unless a parent or guardian accompanies you.

  4. CheriDonna provided some excellent advice for you. All I want to add is information about how erections are perceived in the nudist/naturist community. There are two main schools of thought regarding erections among naturists: some think they are perfectly normal and natural, shouldn’t be flaunted but don’t have to be hidden, and they should just be ignored until they go away; others think that if someone gets an erection he should go into the water, lie on his stomach, cover it with a towel, or otherwise hide it until it goes away. Those mentalities come out in the rules of the particular nudist resort/camp, where some say to hide it and others say ignore it. In either case it should never be flaunted or have attention drawn to it, and it should never be played with in any sort of sexual manner.

    At a nude beach you won’t be at any risk of being thrown out since it is a public place, but nudist etiquette still exists and you should not flaunt an erection when at the beach. To draw attention to it would create a negative image of nudists to any outsiders who are taking a look, it would make any newcomers to the beach uncomfortable, and it would probably anger the regular visitors who like to keep their nude beach very G-rated.

    If you do visit a nudist/naturist resort and if you happen to get an erection, first follow the rules of whether or not you should cover it up. If you don’t have to cover it up by rules, then follow your own thoughts based on you feelings of comfort and embarrassment. A naturist resort really is very nonsexual, but if you get an erection it will go away soon.

  5. As long as you don’t flaunt it, nothing happens.

    This is a common fear, but it is one that shouldn’t be a cause for concern as it is rare. At 15 I guess you are in an age group where it is slightly more likely, but I’m sure that if you do get one, you will soon be over it and able to enjoy your visit without further worries. Erections start in the brain and the human brain isn’t stupid; if sex is not on the cards, it doesn’t prepare the body for it. Naturism (or nudism if you prefer) is not about sex, so it doesn’t normally provoke an erection.

    Strategies for dealing with erections should one occur: Lie on your tummy if sunbathing, hold a book or newspaper in your lap if sitting, carry your towel in front of you if walking around, or go for a swim – the water will not only hide it, it will also help to dampen it (literally) especially if cool.

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